You live in the world of Spesia. Up until now Spesia has been a world where there is little unknown, and there is a tentative understanding between the four factions of the world. That all changed two years ago. Two years ago a merchant vessel blown off course in the ocean stumbled across a vast land that was previously unknown. With the abundance of resources assumed to be in this untapped land the factions are now in a race to try and settle the new lands and claim the important resources it contains. While there is still a peace covering the old world, the new world has had several skirmishes already.

You come from one of the unaligned villages of the realm. You have chosen to go join one of the two large factions in order to join the explorations of the newly found lands. (you can choose your own backstory, motivations for doing this, but this is where the story begins)

Factions from the viewpoint of one of the unaligned villages.

The Circle- A democracy of cities, they pride themselves on freedom and courage. Run by a council of members from different branches in each city that make the decisions of the empire. They say that the syndicate are ruthless and cruel towards their citizens. Referred to as ‘circs’ in slang by the syndicate. Rumors you have heard range from the circle being proud and respectful of their citizens encouraging them to have a mind of their own; to the circle having large issues of homelessness, starvation, and financial destitution.

The Syndicate- A collection of cities, they pride themselves on unity and resourcefulness. Run by a board of merchants that make the decisions of the empire. They say that the circle are too willing to let people suffer and too wasteful of the resources that the empire has causing shortages for the people. Referred to as ‘syndics’ in slang by the circle. Rumors you have heard range from the syndicate being well caring for their people and making sure everyone is provided with what they need; to the syndicate being cruel, aloof and only seeing their citizens as numbers in a ledger.

The Rift and the Federation – Two smaller groups of cities, they attempt to remain neutral and are a society of diplomats. They openly trade with both the syndicate and the circle. Neither of which is willing to attack the rift or the federation in fear that their trade agreements will be nullified. The rift and the federation have extremely large deposits of resources that keep them in the prime position to have a constant stream of trade materials. While the two factions are nearly identical, disagreements on leadership have caused them to be separate entities, but they maintain a good relationship. While they dont openly align with either faction in any hostile sense, there are rumors that when they trade equipment, sometimes that equipment will come with bodies to use it.

The two factions exploring the newfound lands are the Circle and the Syndicate. The Rift and the Federation are not quite large enough to have a foothold there, but they do have some emissaries and small forces present. Any people from the unaligned settlements that wish to make a name for themselves in the new lands are required to side with one of the larger factions. There is a strange peace between the factions here in the old lands, however that same peace does not extend to the new lands.


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